The Center pursues innovative ways to collaborate and lead the way as a thought leader in the Research and Development ecosystem. We tell the compelling stories behind our research to transform lives in Africa and amplify evidence-based decision-making.


The Center has developed ways to engage audiences from researchers to policy actors to decision-makers in an effort to encourage knowledge sharing and transfer. We support the translation of evidence into usable formats for non-academic audiences.


The Advocacy Unit promotes evidence-based decision-making, empowers key stakeholders within the African policy landscape, and forges partnerships with key players to drive policy action. Sustainable policy impact entails transformative change in systems, investments, programs, and behavior. 

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20+ Years of Leadership, Innovation & Research Excellence.

The center’s vision is to promote evidence-based research to help find solutions to local and regional health problems with a global scope. The center also intends to improve teaching activities by providing an internship framework for students as well as research space and structured mentoring for graduate students (master’s and doctoral projects).

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The center seeks to improve the health status of communities through sustainable and comprehensive research, service, and educational initiatives related to infectious and tropical diseases.

20+ Years of Leadership, Innovation & Research Excellence.

For the last two decades, the Center has been at the forefront of groundbreaking research, tackling Sub-Saharan Africa’s most pressing development issues: health, education, population, aging, urbanization, and well-being. Our Vision is to transform lives in Africa through research by Generating evidence, strengthening research and related capacity in the African R&D ecosystem, and engaging policy to inform action on health and development.

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